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Once Upon A Time

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

The blog is going to be about one of my favorite collections. The Storybook Collection. Back in college, I created an image for my final in Photoshop class. This image became the beginning of this collection. The image was "Alice in Wonderland."

"Alice in Wonderland" is one of my favorite

images I have created. It depicts The Mad Hatter pulling Alice into Wonderland. When I first planned out this project, I had a different image in mind. However, I ended up changing directions. I felt that the world Alice was in needed to be dark. I wanted it to represent the real world. The real world is a dark place. Wonderland, to me, is a dreamland. It may seem crazy, but almost the impossible can happen there. I feel that Alice learned a lot in Wonderland and gained new experiences that she wouldn't have in the real world.

The change I made to it became one of the reasons I got an A for the project. It was a great example of how to use Photoshop. Turning something plain into something magical. Transforming a photo into a masterpiece. I remember hearing that the instructor used it as an example to show other students what you can do in Photoshop.


A few years after creating "Alice in Wonderland." I was giving the opportunity to be in an Art Show. The show was in October. Therefore, the theme was based around Halloween. I thought it would be a great time to show off "Alice in Wonderland" to the world. This inspired to me to create more pieces to go along with it. This is when the rest of The Storybook Collection was created.

Each piece took many hours of time and planning. There is one that was the most entertaining. It is "Hansel and Gretel". It is still one we talk about till this day. My sister, Michelle and best friend, Mark helped me out with this one. It started out as them just eating chocolate. It turned into an epic chocolate fight.

Fun Fact: I HATE CHOCOLATE. I don't like the taste or smell of it. On that day, we drove my car out to the location. My car smelt like chocolate for days.

If you have read this far, thank you. Please let me know in the comments your thoughts. Comment if there is anything you would like me to talk about. Share with your friends and family. Make sure to like and share Mc Awesome Photography on Facebook and Instagram.

Hope you all enjoyed.

With Love,


Special Thanks

Alice in Wonderland: Nikki Christian (Mad Hatter) and Amber Holt (Alice)

Snow White: Savannah DeAnn

Cinderella: Sarah Naff

Pinocchio: Josh Main

Hansel and Gretel: Mark Hynote (Hansel) and Michelle Williams (Gretel)

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